What are the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?


The benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) are:

  • They are usually self-employed and work remotely from home, but still provide a very good and reliable service, as if you had someone working in your office.
  • It’s very cost effective to hire a VA compared to having to employ someone full time, as you are not liable for Sick Pay, Holiday Pay and other employee costs.
  • You only pay for the hours taken to complete the work. Whereas you may have to pay an employee to sit in your office even when work loads are minimal.
  • It’s more cost effective to hire a VA as it frees up your valuable time, so you can get on with the more important tasks.
  • Most VA’s specialise in their chosen niche and can provide you with an exceptional service, if this niche matches your needs.
  • They often have a other VA’s who they work with, who offer services which they don’t and so they can recommend other services to you.


If you have a tight deadline to meet, VAs are not always Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm workers.

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