Shhh I won’t tell if you don’t…..

So we are half way through October and I think it’s safe to start talking about that day in December, yes you know the one I mean, some people love and others hate it – yes I am talking about Christmas!!

Ok, I have said it now, to some people this might be too soon but love it or hate it, it’s not long away now, to be precise it 9 weeks and 6 days away!

Does that thought bring panic to you? Do you have to organise the office party of the century? Maybe you have to get your clients that lovely well thought of gift to say thanks for all the work over the last year?

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Do you need to save time and money?

Of course you do, who doesn’t?? A Virtual Assistant can save you both time and money.

So how do you get one? What is a Virtual Assistant?

Some might call them your virtual office angel, your second in command, your right hand man/woman, call them what you want but most importantly they save you time and money and hey who doesn’t want to save time and money as they are both so precious?

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Internet Day – where would we be without the internet?

Did you know that this Sunday is Internet Day? Yes 29th October each year is celebrated as Internet Day.

I mean the internet we take it for granted these days but imagine a life with no internet!!

I mean no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, on line shopping, the list is endless but more importantly there wouldn’t be any Virtual Assistants!!

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You speak it, I type it – Digital Transcription

Yes that’s correct, in a nut shell that is what an Virtual Assistant, who has audio typing skills as one of their many skills can do for you.

They can transcribe your notes, patients reports, letters, minutes, interviews, phone calls and lecture notes, to name just a few and turn them from spoken words in to typed words.

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