Do you know what makes the best common sense?

This Saturday the 4th November is known as Common Sense Day.

Did you know this was a celebrated day? Phew, I am not the only one then.

Do you know what makes the best common sense?

To hire a Virtual Assistant.

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Great Customer Service – Can you afford not to?

Providing great customer service, is ONE of the most important things that can set your business apart from your competitors.

If you have happy customers, they will buy from you time and time again, so if you run a business, great customer service is something you can’t do without.

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Recruitment – To outsource or not?

So you have a role to fill in your company and you need to find a suitable candidate to fill this role.

Do you outsource the whole role to a Freelancer?

Do you outsource just the recruitment process?

Where do you even start?

First of all there is the writing of the advert to attract the correct candidates, then where do you post it? Online? Locally?

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Never miss a call again

If you don’t want to miss that all important call, or maybe you don’t have anyone to cover the phones whilst your busy working, you have staff off sick, on holidays or on a break, then this is service you can’t do without.

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