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Like you, I am also a small business owner and email forms, the main communication method between myself and my clients.

Did you know that the average person spends 3-4 hours per day, just checking and replying to emails!!


Ineffective handling of your emails can also be very time-consuming. 

One way to claim back these precious hours is to outsource your emails to me.

Outsourcing your emails isn’t as scary or hard to delegate as you might think. All you need to do is give me access to your inbox, in a few simple steps and away we go. Or alternatively, you can set me up a separate email address and then automatically forward your emails to me, on this new email address.

I can also streamline your inbox by filtering out and deleting the spam/junk emails, replying to emails on your behalf and also alerting you to any important ones that need your attention via SMS message or just leaving them flagged up in your inbox for you to check at a time that suits you.

I can check your emails on your behalf as often as you like but I usually aim for once every 30 minutes during the working day.

You can supply me with email templates so that I can answer common questions/enquiries on your behalf.

I can take away the stress of the incoming ping of emails and leave you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


Is this package for me?


If you dread the next ping or notification to say you have another email in your inbox, or if your emails are interrupting your working day, then this is the package for you.

The PAYG package is best if you’re unsure how much support you require (you can always change to the Silver or Gold package at a later date).

The Silver package is aimed at you if you require around 1 hour of support a week and the Gold package is aimed at you if you require 2 hours support a week.




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If you choose a PAYG package, you only pay me for the hours I work. I keep a record of this via my Project Management Software. If it takes me two minutes then you are only charged two minutes.


I aim to have you set up within 24 hours of receiving the completed form (Monday to Friday).


Don’t forget you can change your package at any time, once you have taken one out with me. All I require is an email notifying me of this and which package you wish to change to giving me 7 days notice of this change.


Amanda has taken so much pressure off, allowing me the freedom to take on more of my creative work. There is nothing better than seeing the words “No problem at all, leave it with me!” on an email!


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