I know that whilst running your family mediation business you can be wearing many hats for a variety of different roles within your business, which can be stressful at times.

Why not relieve some of that stress and delegate your admin tasks to me, so you can get on with conducting the MIAM and mediation appointments.

I can assist you with:

  • New Enquiries – I can monitor your incoming emails and respond to them on your behalf. I can answer questions regarding the mediation process, the costs of the MIAM appointment and/or mediation appointment, the duration of the appointment as well as the requirements for Legal Aid and give your availability for an appointment.


  • Call Handling – If required, I can also answer your incoming calls on your behalf, I care about your customers and the first impression they receive when calling your business. I know and understand the process of family mediation and the needs of your clients. Find out more here *Please note this service is charged in addition to the Virtual Assistant service*.


  • Referral Forms – I can contact the new client and go through all the information on their referral form with them, add this to your chosen software, booking them a MIAM appointment with you and send them an email to confirm this appointment. As well as setting up a Zoom call if this is your chosen method to conduct the MIAM appointment through.


  • Party B – I can contact Party B if required and follow up with them if they don’t make contact within the original time frame and noting this on your software. I can book their MIAM appointment with you if they accept the invitation and emailing them to confirm this appointment.


  • Legal Aid – I can gather all the required Legal Aid information from the client and add this to your software. I know about the passporting benefits for Legal Aid and the information that is required for the screenshot as evidence of the benefit the client is in receipt of as well as any pre-requisite criteria. I also know what information is required if the client wishes to be assessed based on their income and can request this information from them on your behalf, again uploading all of this information to your required software all ahead of the client’s MIAM appointment.


  • Means7 Forms – I can email these to your clients ahead of their MIAM appointment with you using your preferred software. I can make sure they complete all the required fields, have signed them ahead of their MIAM appointment with you, and upload this signed document to your chosen software.


  • SMS Appointment Reminders – I can send these on your behalf from a dedicated SMS mobile number that is unique to your business. I can schedule these reminders, so your clients are reminded of their appointment 72 hours in advance. The reminder message can also include information about the client’s Legal Aid proof and/or Means7 if they need a little reminder to send this in or haven’t signed it. The client can also reply to me on this mobile number with any questions they may have, which I can of course answer on your behalf.


  • Mediation Appointments – Once both party’s have attended their MIAM appointments, I can contact them on your behalf to set up their first mediation session with you. I can confirm this to them via email as well as setting up their Zoom call information and including this in the confirmation email to them. I can also set up any further sessions if required and confirm this to them as well.


  • Sending Forms – If the case is deemed as unsuitable for mediation following a MIAM appointment or the mediation should break down for whatever reason. I can send out to your clients their C100 Forms or Form A’s once you have issued them to me.


If you are still unsure if I am the right support for you and your business? Why not read my testimonials here




  • Every Friday you will be sent an email informing you of how many hours you have left in your package, how many hours you have used up, and if you are about to exceed the hours in your package.
  • Unused hours can’t be carried over to the next month.
  • If you choose a PAYG package, you only pay me for the hours I work. I keep a record of this via my Project Management Software. If it takes me two minutes, then you are only charged two minutes.
  • I aim to have you set up within 24 hours of receiving the completed form (Monday to Friday).
  • Don’t forget you can change your package at any time once you have taken one out with me. All I require is an email notifying me of this and which package you wish to change to giving me 7 days’ notice of this change.



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