Social Media for your business – can you afford not to?

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Social Media for your business – can you afford not to?

With social media becoming part of everyone’s daily life, it makes good business sense to have this for your business.

There are lots of different platforms to choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few of the well known ones.

Now, you don’t have to have an account with all of them, you could choose to just have an account with one or a few of them depending on your business type and the audience you are wishing to target.

Social media is great for competitions, blogs, brand building, polls, sharing new products and services and most importantly telling people about your great business.

Advertising on these platforms is not to expensive either and you can focus each post, video or poll to your target group.

You can schedule all your posts for the week or month in one go, so you don’t have to remember to post each day or at a set date each month. This can be done on the individual platforms or you can use some software to do this for you.

Your potential new customers can message you directly via the platforms and you can respond to them. Plus you can receive reviews of your products or services too.

Now you have to admit that this sounds like a great way to get your great business more customers? BUT are you reading this, thinking wait a minute, I don’t have the time to do this as well as running my business? Well I have good news for you, a Virtual Assistant, can do this for you and I just happen to be a Virtual Assistant, what a coincidence!

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