You speak it, I type it

Posted on: February 2, 2018 Posted by: admin Comments: 0

You speak it, I type it

Yes that’s correct, in a nut shell that is what an Virtual Assistant, who has audio typing skills as one of their many skills can do for you.

They can transcribe your notes, patients reports, letters, minutes, interviews, phone calls and lecture notes, to name just a few and turn them from spoken words in to typed words.

These words can be typed up as you wish, maybe using your own template, straight in to your chosen software or just a simple document for you to then use the text from.

You can now record your dictation on your smart phone either using some software pre-installed on it or by downloading an app, this recording can then be directly emailed to your Virtual Assistant. They will then listen to the recording, transcribe it for you, proof read it and then send it back to you in your chosen format, how SIMPLE is that?

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