Do you want to be more organised?

It’s the start of a brand new month today and has it left you thinking oh no, I have no idea what I am doing this month or what I have planned?

Do you hear smug people saying, I can fit you in on this date at this time and think, I wish I was as organised as them?

Well don’t panic, help is here!

If your diary is messy and chaotic? Maybe you don’t have a diary in any format but you would like one and you don’t know where to start?

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Social Media for your business – can you afford not to?

With social media becoming part of everyone’s daily life, it makes good business sense to have this for your business.

There are lots of different platforms to choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few of the well known ones.

Now, you don’t have to have an account with all of them, you could choose to just have an account with one or a few of them depending on your business type and the audience you are wishing to target.

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Live Chat- The secret to great customer service

Live Chat is a great way for your potential or existing customers to contact you online.

It’s a quick and efficient way for them to ask questions or queries, if they can’t phone you and they don’t want to wait for you to reply to an email.

Live Chat software, can easily be added to your existing website and there are a number of FREE software packages out there.

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