Frequently Asked Questions




Why Should I hire you? 


You should hire me because, I am friendly, efficient, organised and I have worked in a variety of roles within the Administration industry, since 1998!!

My passion is looking after your customers, so you can get on with running your business.

My knowledge of the many software packages available to assist with running your business is vast!


What hours do you work?


I work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. I don’t work on weekends or bank holidays.


How do I sign up for one of your packages?


To sign up for one of my packages, you need to complete the sign-up form. A link to this can be found at the bottom of each package page.


What happens once I have signed up for one of your packages?


Once the form has been completed and submitted, I will be in contact with you, to complete the next steps.

You will be emailed your Terms and Conditions, via a separate email from E-Sign. Please review the Terms and Conditions and then electronically sign them, (you just need to type your name and this will create your electronic signature for you).

If you have chosen to pay by BACS, you will find this information on your first Invoice. However, if you have chosen to pay by Monthly Direct Debit (GoCardless), you will be emailed another link to set this up.

I aim to have you set up within 24 hours, usually within a few hours, but no more than 24 hours, if the sign-up form is received during my business hours. If it is received at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday, I will aim to have you set up by the end of the next working day.


Can I switch to a different package?


Yes, of course, you can change your package at any time, once you have taken one out with me. All I require is an email notifying me of this and which package you wish to change to giving me 7 days’ notice of this change.


Are there any services that you don’t offer?


I don’t offer any Accountancy/Bookkeeping services as I am not MLR registered. I also don’t make sales calls/cold calls on your behalf.


Can I use your services on an ad-hoc basis? 


Yes, of course, you can, I am here as and when you and your small business require my services. For this type of assistance, you would be best to choose one of the PAYG packages.


Do you have any insurance? 


Yes, I have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Cyber Liability Insurance.


What professional bodies are you registered with?


I am registered with ICO as a Data Controller and my Data Protection Registration Reference Number (Data Protection Registration Number) is Z3265525.

I am also a Community Member of the Society of Virtual Assistants.


What payment methods do you accept?


I accept payment via BACS and Direct Debit (via Gocardless).


What is your cancellation policy?


I do hope that you won’t want to cancel a service you have taken out with me, but you can terminate your Agreement by giving 30 days’ notice via email. If you fail to give the 30 days notice you will incur a surcharge of £25.00.


How can I contact you?


You can call me on 01822 678499, email me at, or you can also book a FREE Consultation Call with me here.

Lastly, I am also on the following social media channels – Linkedin or Twitter.




How do I give you access to my emails? 


All I need from you is the email address, the password, the incoming server information, the outgoing server information as well as the port numbers for the incoming and outgoing servers and away I go!


How often do you check my emails? 


I check your emails frequently throughout the day. At least once an hour throughout my working day. Emails aren’t checked on a weekend or a Bank Holiday. 


How do you alert me to important emails? 


Whilst I am checking your emails, if I see an email that needs bringing to your attention or is urgent, I will either flag it up so you can see this, or I will send you an SMS message regarding this.





How do I divert my calls to you?


If you are diverting your calls from a mobile number, you can divert these by going into the settings on your mobile, clicking on the phone/call settings. From here you need to insert the divert number (which I will give you), into the call forwarding section and voila, the calls will come through to me.

If you are diverting your current calls from a landline number to me, then you will need to speak with your provider about this. There might be a charge for the calls being diverted to me, again you will need to give them the divert number I have provided you with.


Do my calls have to be diverted to you at all times? 


No, of course not, it is totally up to you. You can choose to divert the calls to me when you are busy, unavailable or all the time, the power is in your hands! 


Can you transfer calls to me? 


Yes, of course, no problem at all, I can transfer calls to a mobile or landline number of your choice according to the instructions you have given for this on the sign-up form. 


What happens once you have taken a call on my behalf? 


Once I have taken a call on your behalf, I then log this detailed message on my system and the message is emailed to you. You can also have the message sent as an SMS message if you required. 


How long do you keep the messages from the calls you have handled on my behalf? 


All messages are kept for 3 months before they are deleted from my system and never to be seen again!


Is there a setup fee? 


No, there isn’t a setup fee for any of the Call Handling packages. 


What is the difference between the calls types?


The Basic calls (charged at £1.75 per call), are for when I just take a detailed message and email and/or send you an SMS message with this information, and the Complex calls (charged at £2.50 per call), are for when I might book an appointment for the caller or use your software to complete the call. Again you are still emailed and/or sent an SMS message about these calls.


What happens if you are answering a call on my behalf and another call comes in?


In this instance, the second call would be handled by the UK Call Handling company that I work very closely with, so no calls are ever missed.


Why don’t you offer a free trial for your call handling service?


I am confident that you will be happy with the service that I provide you with as this is my field of expertise, and I pride myself on providing a great service that you will be happy with.


What happens to my calls when you go on holiday? Or have a day off?


Again, in this instance, the calls would be handled by the UK Call Handling company that I work with. You are advised in plenty of time of any days off I am having (very rare), or if I am going on holiday, (usually just the 1 week in August). You can, of course, choose to answer the calls yourself during this time and you won’t be charged for the service if you choose to do this.


How do I know what you sound like when answering my calls? 


Why not call me on 01822 678499, to see how I answer my own business calls!