Think you can’t afford a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Posted on: February 27, 2018 Posted by: admin Comments: 0

Think you can’t afford a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

So you have heard about VA’s and you have done a little research in to them and what they offer and how they might be able to help you and your business BUT then you see they charge £20 – £25 per hour!

Your instantly thinking I can’t afford that!

BUT, yes they might be twice, even three times the amount, of an office based employee BUT they are more cost effective than you think.

Most VA’s have packages called Retainers, where you buy at set amount of hours per month at a discounted price, so you know exactly what you will be paying each month.

Or you could choose to use a VA on an ad-hoc basis, in which case they will only charge you for the time spent on the task(s) you have outsourced to them and nothing more. Compared to office staff who you have to pay each day, every day even if you don’t have the work for them.

You also don’t have to pay an Employee Expenses like Holiday Pay, Pension, National Insurance, Sick Pay or for any cups of tea or coffee they might drink!

VA’s are highly trained individuals, working with a wide range of clients on a daily basis, as they work like this they have a great knowledge of many different types of software. They can look at your business and introduce systems and software which will save you time and money.

Most VA’s also don’t just offer ‘admin’ related tasks, they might offer call handling/virtual reception, customer service, digital transcription, accountancy, payroll, the list is endless.

By outsourcing the tasks you either don’t like doing or aren’t sure how to do efficient to a VA, you will be saving time and money in your business.

Still not sure if a VA is right for you and your business?

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