A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant

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A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant

I thought I would give you a little insight in to my day as a Virtual Assistant.

Although I work from home, I am quite strict about my working hours, I like to start the day about 8:50am, get a cuppa, switch on the PC and printer ready for my 9am start. Plus not forgetting the all important radio, I have to have a little company as working from home can be a lonely experience at times, of course should the phone ring, the radio is instantly muted.

I open up my browser and have about 6 or 7 tabs open at once, I like to check my emails first and deal with these, I then check my clients emails before moving on to open up my Project Management Software (Teamwork).

I love Teamwork, it is so easy to use and it also sends you a daily email to let you know which tasks you have for the day ahead. On checking Teamwork, I see what tasks I have planned for the day and also add any tasks which have come in via email from the clients.

I then proceed to work through these tasks in order of priority, you can also set this on the software as well, I told you it was good.

About 10:20am ish, I stop for a quick break, another cuppa and a little snack ready to listen to Ken Bruce on Radio 2 for Pop Master, I think the majority of the country stops around 10:30am weekdays for Pop Master! I have to admit, I don’t get many of the answers to the questions, I am a little young for some of the answer but when I do get one correct, I am so pleased with myself.

After my daily fix of Pop Master, I then proceed to check mine and my clients emails again before carrying on working through my clients tasks on Teamwork before stopping around 12pm for a lunch break and to stretch my legs.

My afternoon of work usually starts around 12:30pm – 12:45pm. Once sat comfortably back at my desk, I again check mine and my clients emails and deal with according. If I have any tasks left on Teamwork to complete I carry on with these. If I have worked my way through them I spend the afternoon working on marking for my own business as well as keeping an eye on trends within my industry.

Some of the tasks my clients as me to do for them range from, call handling, making outgoing calls on their behalf, email management, social media message management, to name just a few.

I then have another all important cuppa break at 3:30pm with a biscuit this time, just to keep me going until 5pm.

If you would like the idea of working with a Virtual Assistant, why not book your FREE 30 Minute Consultation Call with me here, there is no obligation to use my services after this call.


I look forward to hearing from you.


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