Benefits of working with a remote worker

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Benefits of working with a remote worker

Do you know the benefits of working with a remote worker?


Let me explain a few of them to you……..


  1. Remote workers are often more productive than office workers, as they are in their own surroundings and are often Self Employed, so if they aren’t working they aren’t earning any money!
  1. They can save you money, yes really! As most remote workers are not employed by you, you don’t have any overheads or employee costs like Tax, National Insurance and Holiday Pay.
  1. You have access to more talented individuals who have their own niche specialities.

Now some people might not have come around to the idea of working with a remote worker, when say for instance you are based in London and they are in Devon, how on earth can you possible work together?!

Well, with platforms like Skype and Slack, communication is a lot easier than you think, making you feel like part of team even though you might be located all over the country.

Then you have Project Management Software like Teamwork and Trello to name a few, which you can all have access to, so you can add work, assign it to workers and keep track of its progress and when it’s completed.

They can even answer your company calls, with your unique greeting to your company and the caller is unaware that they are not actually calling the location of the company.

Still not sure a remote worker is for you?

Why not book a FREE 30 Minute Consultation Call with me here, there is no obligation to use my services after this call and maybe I can change your mind on remote workers.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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