Do you want to be more organised?

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Posted on: February 2, 2018 Posted by: admin Comments: 0

Do you want to be more organised?

It’s the start of a brand new month today and has it left you thinking oh no, I have no idea what I am doing this month or what I have planned?

Do you hear smug people saying, I can fit you in on this date at this time and think, I wish I was as organised as them?

Well don’t panic, help is here!

If your diary is messy and chaotic? Maybe you don’t have a diary in any format but you would like one and you don’t know where to start?

I can help you with this, let me explain how….

I am a Virtual Assistant, I can create you a calendar online, which we can share and both have access to. I can even sync it to your mobile phone and set up reminders for the events created, so you never miss an appointment or event again!

You can give me a list of your appointments and I can schedule them in to your online diary, making them reoccurring if required and colour coding for easy viewing.

By allowing me to have access, as well as entering your appointments for you, I can set it to remind you to attend the appointment, on the day of the appointment or when required. Maybe you would prefer to be sent a list of your appointments for the following week, so you know what you are doing in advance.

I know how busy you are and sometime you forget to take a break for some lunch, so I can even schedule that in to your day.

When scheduling your appointments, I can look at the locations of the appointments and make sure time has been allowed for travelling to them.

The diary doesn’t have to be just for your work life, I can also add family/home appointments and events to the diary and give them a separate colour, so you never miss another dentist appointment or school sports day.

The key to be as organised as those smug people, is planning as much as possible in advance and of course having the helping hand of a Virtual Assistant. But of course, you don’t have to tell anyone you are using a Virtual Assistant and you can sit back and take all the credit for being one super organised human being.

Being a Virtual Assistant, I can also help you with other admin related tasks as well as, call handling, customer service and digital transcription. To see how I can be the secret, to you being more organised, please click here  to book your FREE 30 minute Consultation Call with me to discuss this.


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