Recruitment – To outsource or not?

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Posted on: February 2, 2018 Posted by: admin Comments: 0

Recruitment – To outsource or not?

So you have a role to fill in your company and you need to find a suitable candidate to fill this role.

Do you outsource the whole role to a Freelancer?

Do you outsource just the recruitment process?

Where do you even start?

First of all there is the writing of the advert to attract the correct candidates, then where do you post it? Online? Locally?

How do you want the potential candidates to reply to your advert? Do you want them to email you with a CV attached or fill out an online form?

Then, wait for it, all the applicants start bombarding your inbox, then you have to take the time to read them and highlight them in to three categories of yes, no and maybe for interview purposes.

Next up organise and schedule in the interviews to fit in with your schedule. Send out the correspondence to the successful candidates with all the information regarding the interview and not forgetting, to send the sorry you were not successful correspondence, wishing you all the best for the future, to the candidates who didn’t qualify.

Then checking all the candidates have replied to confirm they can attend the scheduled interview.

Now the big one the interview’s. Have you prepared all the questions you want to ask? Do you want to take the notes at the interview’s yourself or have an assistant with you? Then the actual interview’s, have you allowed enough time in between each interview in case the candidates are running late? And of course for that all important cuppa.

Then comes the decision, which candidate do you think would suit your needs the best? Which one was the most qualified? Which one would work well with you and your team?

Lastly, you need to write to the successful candidate and congratulate them on their new role and sadly let the other candidates know that, this time they have been unsuccessful but wish them all the best and you will keep their information on file in case a similar role comes up in the future.

You have to admit, that is some process to go through to recruit a new staff member!

If the above, fills you with dread, then fear not you have a few options when recruiting new staff.

  1. You could choose to outsource the whole role to a Freelancer. They could work in your office full time or part time or even work remotely. There are lots of websites out there where you can place an advert for a Freelancer who has the skills you are looking for. Yes, their hourly rate might be higher than someone who works directly for you in your office but you could actually save money. Yes really, save money, as most Freelancers are Self Employed and are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance, so no pesky Payroll expenses for you to incur. Plus no sick or holiday pay to consider. They also usually have other Clients, so if you don’t have any work for a few days you are not paying for their time as you would be for someone who was employed in your office.
  1. You could outsource just the recruitment process to a Freelancer who specialises in this area. They could do everything apart from the actual interview and of course the decision on who to hire. Post the advert, manage and filter the responses, set up the interviews and add to your schedule as well as dealing with all the correspondence before and after the interviews.

They could do this for a fixed price for you and if you then have another role to fill in the near future, you know who to go to first to get the help with the recruitment process.

To find out more on how I can help you with any aspects of your recruitment process, please click here  to book your FREE 30 minute Consultation Call with me to discuss this.


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