Why I love VOIP

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Why I love VOIP

Let’s start at the beginning, as this is always a great place to start!


VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, it basically means that you can have a geographical landline and make calls from it very cheaply over the internet. You can call anyone and anyone can call you on this number.


I was first introduced to VOIP, back in 2012, when I was researching to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant. I wanted a dedicated number for my business, as I personally didn’t think a mobile number looked all that professional and I didn’t want to use my home number and this is when I came across VOIP.

I could see that I could have a geographical number for a small monthly fee and the call charges were also very reasonable, I was quickly sold on the idea of having a VOIP number.

My next step was to work out what equipment I needed and for my own needs, I opted for a VOIP phone, you can have an app on your mobile as well, but as I eventually wanted to handle my client’s calls, I decided that a physical phone was better than the app.

I had a search around and purchased a basic VOIP phone, again for very little money and away I went, I love it, it allowed me to answer my own business calls and calls for two of my clients as it had 3 lines.

As my business grew, I upgraded the VOIP phone again and at the end of last year, I upgraded my VOIP phone for a third time, to the bee’s knees of VOIP phones. This one has 12, yes that right 12 lines, not that I use them all but I can if I want. The only thing it sadly doesn’t do is make the tea!


Apart from being very cheap to run, VOIP is also very easy to configure, you can choose to do this yourself or ask your VOIP provider who will do this for you. It’s incredibly reliable, it has a host of superb features, the call quality is great and callers are unaware that you are using a VOIP phone, lastly, it’s easy to use and is multifunctional.

Below are just some of the services I use on my VOIP service:

  • Switchboard & PBX Services
  • On Hold Music
  • Call Divert
  • Personalised Voicemail Greeting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Barring
  • UK Geographical Number, 0800, 0845, 0870, 0843 030 & 033 numbers as also available.

I have been using VOIP since 2012 and have always used Voipfone, no they are not paying me to tell you this, I am telling you who my provider is because personally, I believe they are the best in the UK.

Their customer service is second to none and being a Virtual Assistant, this is also very important to me, plus their Live Chat is also superb.

If you want more information on their great service and products, check out their website here and in no time I am sure that you too will love VOIP.


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