What is Email Management?

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What is Email Management?

Well, in a nutshell, it is when you outsource your emails to another person, for them to deal with them on your behalf! Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

Like you, I am also a small business owner and email forms, the main communication method between myself and my clients.

Did you know that the average person spends 3-4 hours per day, just checking and replying to emails!!
Ineffective handling of your emails can also be very time-consuming.

One way to claim back these precious hours is to outsource your email management to a Virtual Assistant.

Email Management isn’t as scary or hard to delegate as you might think. All you need to do is give the Virtual Assistant access to your inbox, in a few simple steps and away they go. Or alternatively, you can set them up a separate email address and then automatically forward your emails to them, on this new email address.

Maybe you have a contact form on your website and the emails from this come through to your inbox, you could always re-direct these to the new email address and the Virtual Assistant can deal with them directly. You could also apply this rule if you have an online shop and you display an email address for your customers to ask general product information, questions about your services or business. If this email address is set to come to your inbox, again why not have them automatically forwarded directly to the Virtual Assistant to deal with on your behalf.

The Virtual Assistant can also streamline your inbox by filtering out and deleting the spam/junk emails, replying to emails on your behalf and also alerting you to any important ones that need your attention.

The Virtual Assistant takes away the stress of the incoming ping of emails and leaves you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

If you like the sound of having your emails managed on your behalf, then why not book a FREE 30-minute Consultation Call with me, where we can discuss this, you can book one here at a time convenient to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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