Why you should outsource your email management

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Why you should outsource your email management

As a small business owner, communicating via email with your customers is very important, as it still remains one of the most used forms of communication.

Some times the number of emails we receive can be stressful and you might dread opening your inbox on a Monday morning!

Did you know that you can outsource the management of your emails to a Virtual Assistant?

They can keep an eye on your emails, deleting the spam ones, replying to the important ones and also informing you of the ones which need your attention.

But your thinking, how can I do this and what are the benefits, let me explain a little more…

It’s really simple to outsource your email management, you can either create a new email address for the Virtual Assistant and have all your emails forwarded to the new address or you can give them access to your emails, so they can monitor them on your behalf.

But how do you give them access I hear you cry!

Well, all they need is your email address, username, password, as well as your incoming and outgoing server information, if you have a domain based email address i.e. yourname@yourcompanyname.co.uk.

However, if you use a free email address like Gmail etc, all you need to give the Virtual Assistant is your email address and password.

Once the access to the emails has been set up, you can then give the Virtual Assistant some rules on which emails they should reply to, which are spam and which you must deal with, you could also give them some templates, for them to use, to reply to the most common emails.

You can also discuss how the Virtual Assistant should alert you to important emails, do you want them to leave them in the inbox and flag them up or maybe you would like to receive an SMS message at the time the email is received.

Don’t forget to ask the Virtual Assistant how often they are going to check the emails on your behalf. Some Virtual Assistants check their client’s emails 3 times a day, (morning, lunchtime, and afternoon), others every hour and some check the emails more regularly. During the initial set up make sure you advise the Virtual Assistant how often you would like them to check your emails.

Lastly, the emails can still have your name or signature as the sender, as the Virtual Assistant can use your pre-loaded email signature or just sign off with your name instead of theirs.

Still, need some convincing to outsource your email management?

Here are my top 3 benefits of outsourcing your email management to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. SAVES YOU TIME – By outsourcing your emails, it frees up your valuable time so that you can get on with other tasks within your business and if you are spending your evenings or weekends, replying to emails that you didn’t have time to deal with during your working day, you can claim this time back!
  1. STAY ORGANISED – With a Virtual Assistant managing your emails, they can introduce, (if not already in place), folders, and rules for your emails. This comes in very handy if you need to look back on an email.
  1. IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE – As your emails are being managed, quickly, efficiently and professionally, your customers old and new, will remember you and your brand for the great customer service they have received via email and tell their friends and family about their experience, gaining you more business and more money.


If you like the sound of having your emails managed on your behalf, then why not book a FREE 30 minute Consultation Call with me, where we can discuss this, you can book one here at a time convenient to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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