Why I became a Virtual Assistant

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Why I became a Virtual Assistant

It all started when I was a teenager and I used to go and visit my Grandad in his office. He ran the office for the family building business to the ripe old age of 90!! The business was started by his Dad and to this day, my Dad still runs it!

I used to love visiting him and watching him typing on his typewriter, correcting mistakes with Tippex and using carbon in-between the sheets of paper, so he had a copy, yes I am showing my age here!

I remember when he progressed from a typewriter to a word processor, I thought it was the bee’s knees. From this time on I realised that an office job was the one for me.

I left school at 16 and was lucky enough to land a job in an office, looking after a team of exhibition Directors, I loved this job and it gave me a great insight into admin life.

After 6 years, I left to work in the family building business, following in my Grandad’s footsteps, before going on maternity leave and making a decision to take a career break and focus on looking after my son.

As the time was approaching for my son to attend nursery, I started looking at getting back into the admin world.

Whilst researching admin jobs where I could work from home, I came across the Society of Virtual Assistants website and forum. I joined up as a Community Member and learned loads about becoming a Virtual Assistant and decided that this was the role for me.

I started Virtual Delegation back in April 2012, from my home office in beautiful Devon.

Being a Virtual Assistant, I have achieved the great work/home life balance that I was looking for and I can honestly say I LOVE IT and never dread Monday’s!

My son is now nearly 11 years old and will be starting secondary school in September of this year.

If you are thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant, your first point of call needs to be the Society of Virtual Assistant website, there are also many, many Virtual Assistant groups on Facebook where you can gain research and ask questions before taking the plunge.


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