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What can a Virtual Assistant do for your business?

A Virtual Assistant, can deal with your customers on your behalf, saving you time and money in your business. They are professional, reliable and efficient individuals. They can answer your calls in your business name, reply to emails on your behalf, manage your live chat feature, as well as managing …

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Happy Customers, Equals More Customers

It makes sense really, as happy customers will buy from you time and time again. They will tell all their friends, colleagues and associates, about you and your product or service. They will shout about how good you are on social media and also leave you great feedback and reviews. …

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Why I LOVE being a Virtual Assistant

On this day of love, Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with you, why I LOVE being a Virtual Assistant. I LOVE getting to know my clients and how they tick, as well as their products, services and their customers old and new. I LOVE the fact that I …

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How to Manage Staff Holidays, This Festive Season

Do you have Staff off on holiday as the festive season approaches? Maybe they have the day off to do some Christmas Shopping, attend an event or even a Nativity. Does this then leave you STRUGGLING to run your great business? I am an experienced UK based Virtual Assistant, working …

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Is Christmas your businesses busiest time?

Christmas is just over a month away now and is your lovely business getting busier with orders? Christmas can be a busy time if you sell gifts, your making the gifts, packaging them up and organising for them to be posted out, as well as tracking, to make sure they …

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A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant

I thought I would give you a little insight in to my day as a Virtual Assistant. Although I work from home, I am quite strict about my working hours, I like to start the day about 8:50am, get a cuppa, switch on the PC and printer ready for my …

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Are you playing a juggling act this summer?

If like me, you are a working parent in England, then the school summer holidays are fast approaching! How do you juggle work and childcare? Are you lucky enough to be able to work from home, like I can? As a Virtual Assistant, I work remotely from my home office, …

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Do you use an online calendar?

  If not, why not?   I do and I love Google Calendar, now I know there are other online calendars out there, Apple iCal and Outlook to name a few but for me Google Calendar fits my needs the best. Here are my top reasons for loving Google Calendar, …

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Stop missed appointments now!

Are you losing business because clients are missing their appointments with you? If this sounds familiar then not only is it frustrating but it is also losing you money and time. Is there a way to stop this? Yes, there is software out there which can automatically send an email …